Information About Jupiter

You could fit 1300 earths in Jupiter. Jupiter is a frigid plant with the average temperature of negative 234 degrees Fahrenheit. It has the most intense gravity in the solar system. Jupiter has no surface so don't go there. It takes about 4,332 days to orbit the sun. In ten hours Jupiter turns around. Jupiter is a stormy and windy planet. Jupiter has 4 rings that are hard to see. Also Jupiter has 63 known moons four bigger than Pluto. It is composed of hydrogen, helium, water, methane, and ammonia. You can see Jupiter in the night sky.

How Jupiter was Found and Named

In 1610 Galileo Galtlei found Jupiter. He saw it in the night sky. Jupiter is named after the most powerful Roman god .

Fun Facts

  • You would weight 2.5 times as much as you do on Earth
  • The big red spot is the largest hurricane storm in the solar system
  • Eight space crafts have visited Jupiter