Unforgettable Taiga Guided Tours

You will be amazed

The experience!

These guided tours are what you adventures have been dreaming of. The tourists will meet up at with the tour guide at the bottom of the trail, the embankment will start at 8:30 a.m. The hike isn't an intermediate level of difficulty so even the light hearted can enjoy this beautiful trip of a life time! The hike will be approximately 2.3 miles long, and from the trail head to the end it should take us around 2-3 hours to complete, this is given time to stop and take pictures and sight see, we can also stop for a short refreshment break, this means eating a small snack or refilling your water bottles with the award winning fresh spring water fountain we have the mid-way point.

The wildlife that our biome offers is awe inspiring!

The animal biodiversity is outstanding!

We have some of the most beautiful animals in our biomes, from red and gray fox, to the grizzly and black bears, I've also seen quite of bird watchers on our tours if that interests you then these tours are for you!

This was an assignment for a high school course.

Even though this is not a real flyer for s business or anything like that, I hope that whom ever is interested enough to read the whole thing actually likes and enjoyed it!
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