The great Gatsby



is spunky, nosey, adventurous, and amusing.

Niece of great aunt that is super old

Lover of golf, parties, and I think Nick

Who feels sad that she lost the tournament, angry that the caddy called her out on moving the ball, and rejected because Nick didn't go inside when asked.

Who needs to stop being so nosey, someone to care for her, and a place to live.

Who gives no thought to listening to other peoples private convos, joy to Daisy and Nick when she talks to them, and distractions when needed.

Who fears careless drivers, being bored, and small parties.

Who would like to see Nick, success, careful drivers.

Resident of Tom and Daisy's house in West Egg New York



"You must know Gatsby." pg. 15
I chose this because it solidifies the image of Jordan, she likes to start unwelcome thoughts and doubts also that she is nosey she was asking if he knew of Gatsby just because he lived in West Egg.

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Symbol #1

The golf ball in the bunker reminds me of Jordan because her ball was in the bunker when she got called out and lost the tournament.

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Symbol #2

I chose this one because it makes me think of when she was listening in on Daisy and Tom fighting about Myrtle.