Battle of Yorktown

October 9-19, 1781

Before the Battle

Before the battle of Yorktown, the Colonies rebelled against the British and started a war. The war officially started on April 19 1775. During the war, the French joined the Patriots and the Germans joined the British. after intense fighting Washington made a plan.
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The Battle

With the support of the French, Washington made a move. He surrounded Yorktown with 14,000 soldiers and 36 French ships. Cornwallis was mad so he sent Charles O'Hara to surrender for him. Instead of excepting it himself, Washington sent Benjamin Lincoln to accept for him. This was officially the last battle of the war.

Interesting Facts

  • When the British were defeated, the Americans captured 8,000 British and German soldiers.
  • The route Washington took to Yorktown is now a historical trail.
  • The British soldiers were out numbered by about 2:1.
  • The last major battle of the war.