Greg's History Class

Rome's First 5 Emperors -The Good, Bad, and Ugly

From Augustus to Nero... WOW

Octavius, the nephew of the infamous Julius Caesar, was Rome's first emperor. He wanted the love of the people and demanded morality...but did he practice that morality himself? Find out!!

Assignments will include the listing of the first five emperors of the Roman Empire (Julio-Claudian Dynasty) and short facts about each.

"Little Boots" -- Or Caligua as it is translated...

We will look at the rule of Caligua...who followed the reclusive Tiberius as emperor. Why was he as blood-thirsty as Tiberius. Or was he? We will be looking at him, too. Along with the every famous Nero.

Was the Roman Republic like the modern day United States? .... Perhaps so....Perhaps not


Did the Roman Republic have a constitution like the United States does today?

What about a Senate?

What about duty to the republic and power struggles?

Any Questions? Let's talk about them all !!

Our discussion in class for the next two weeks will be on the Roman Republic and its evolution into Empire. Check out the class blog and feel free to e-mail any questions or thoughts!!