Should students wear uniforms?

Should students have to wear uniforms to school?

My Opinion

I believe that school uniforms are a restriction to a students freedom of expression. Students shouldn't be able to wear inappropriate things, but they shouldn't have to wear uniforms. Uniforms are a bad idea.
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School Uniforms Can Be Expensive

Uniforms are a bad idea because every student would have to buy a new pair of clothes every year. Parents pay 1 billion dollars a year to pay for their students uniforms. Also uniforms aren't just sold at any store. You would have to get the uniforms from the school which could be a pain.
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Students Don't Like Uniforms

Students already hate school and Uniforms aren't gonna help. In 2012 the University of Nevada asked 7th and 8th grade students if they enjoy school uniforms. 90% of the kids said they don't like school uniforms.In 2007 Long-beach, CA surveyed their kids and 76% of the kids said that uniforms didn't help them fit in. Students don't enjoy uniforms.
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Students will Not Be able to Express Themselves

Kids express themselves through their clothing and when they wear uniforms they are not able to do that. Some clothing can be harmful and inappropriate, but you can still have dress codes. Uniforms are not needed.


Uniforms are not needed. Uniforms she be kept away from public school. Schools are wasting to much money on uniforms.


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