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contanental drift

contenantal drift power point and

To the people who didn't believe me here is the evidence i found out.The plant fossils were found on the contents and the plant life fossils were found on the same contents and the new fact is that the rock layer is the same as the Appalations Mountians.SO Alfred Wagners hypthosis is that the contents were together and Pangea assisted.

i think that the contanental drift is that the pangea truely existed and they fit like a puzzel.

sea floor spreading

seafloor spreading powerpoint and Harry Hess sealfoor spreading

Dopy focus here! The seafloor is moving because magma (lava) flows underneath the ocean and the suduction zone (under ground) is melting hot rock and goes to the chamber and moves out and make a new seafloor.Hey Dopy stop looking at sleeping beauty and pay attention to me. The magneticfield not big magnets.It is were like you see this compuse and it points south so you go south but while it is moving out it switches to diffrent dirrection, thats all i got to tell ya Dopy and stop taking my cookies out of my pockets Sleeping beauty made them for me but you can have one though.

plate tectonics

plate tectonic power point and plate boundry

Plate tectonics is that the plate underneath the continents move and if they rub up to another continent a earthquake can happen and some form mountains so this is the summery