AZA's new Product Line

Time Wear

What is Time Wear?

Today I am here from the company AZA, talking to you about why you need to buy AZA’s latest inventions. They are called: The Time Hat, The Time Sneakers, and finally, The Time Watch! All these products are unique to the new Time Line! And I will tell you why:

The Time Hat, Time Sneakers, and Time Watch

Who is this designed for?

This product is designed for anyone within the age-range of 12 to 18. AZA believes that because the clothes are within the age range (not the watch, but still) and it would attract boys and girls within the age-range. These products are for basically anyone who wants control over the one thing they don’t have control over: time.

Why should Zarb industries pick these products?

We think that Zarb Industries should pick these products because we are the most unique company out there. Our purpose is to change the world with our new breakthrough in stopping and slowing-down time.