Environmental Study Project

Rafael Hernandez,P2,Ms.kibby


The founders of Orlando were the Jernigan family.Who had established the first settlement in the area.The founding date of Orlando was 1838.Orlando's population right now is 249,562.The community has changed in many way one of them is the technology has increased.


The temperature of orlando this year has been from 49°F to 91°F and is sometimes but almost never below 37°F or above 94°F.The temperature and weather affect lives and residents in Orlando like making most people sick with the sudden temperature changes.It can also affect residents properties like plants and homes.Another way it can affect residents by making it hard to travel and airlines would be canceled and all that.

Natural Disasters

Some of the natural disasters that happened around the community Are 1928 okeechobee hurricane .There was also the great miami hurricane.Also the labor day hurricane of 1935.Something that my community could do for the future is do a whole other world under ground in case of emergencies.They should also in case the world was ending they should do the same thing in the movie Wall E.


Wildlife that is found in my community are american crocodiles.My community also has Anastasia Island beach mouse.There are also manatees in my cummunty.In my oppinion i don't have a favorite animal that lives in my community because im afraid of most of them but if i had to chose it would be a manatee because there not aggresive and because its called the sea cow.Manatees can are found in slow moving rivers.

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In my community You find mobile homes.Another type of homes you find in my community are mansions.The most popular sports in my community are Baseball.Basketball,And football.In my community their are many people from every where.Like chinese people,Hispanics,Black people and many more.

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My culture is a hispanic name that i can't spell or say but my country's flag is the puerto rican flag.Different cultures in my community interact with their own beliefs and own ways to do things.Some of the cultures musias in my community are ALBIN POLASEK MUSEUM & SCULPTURE GARDENS,


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Orverall reflection

My overall reflection is that this project has made realize the things in my community that i didn't think were important before i started this project.One of the thing i actually that were interesting was that i got to do allot of research on thing i thought not important.And another thing was that i never thought there were so many cultures and culture museums in my community.