The Great and Feared Comanche

By:Jaryn Poynter /9-4-15 /2nd period

The Comanche Life

  • The Comanche moved around a lot because their food was buffalo, when the buffalo moved they moved. Buffalo was their friends because the Comanche ate them a lot.
  • They Comanche tribe lived in Tepees because tepees were easy to move around, because they were technically tents but they looked different. The Comanche partially lived in the tepees all their life because the buffalo moved around a lot to go look for a new place to stay.
  • The Comanche Tribe lived in the Texas Plains because that was where the buffalo liked to stay and the Comanche also liked staying in the Texas Plains.
  • The first of the Comanche tribe come all the way up North from Wyoming. The Comanche was once part of the Shoshone Indians. The cool fact is that the Shoshone Indians and the Comanche Indians language is almost the same.
  • One chief led the whole entire tribe of the Comanche Indians, in fact the last chief in the Comanche Tribe is Quanah Parker.
  • The Comanche was the most influential tribe in Texas also the most scary tribe and most feared.

How the Comanche Tribe adapted

The Comanche Tribe adapted to the culture because the Comanche tribe was Nomadic that means that they moved around a lot. I believe that the Comanche Tribe had to adapt the most to the environment because when the buffalo moved the Comanche Tribe moved. But when the Comanche tribe would move around a lot they had tepees to live in so the Comanche Tribe didn't have to adapt to new homes every time they moved.
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I am comparing the Comanche Tribe to the Karankowa Tribe. Both the Karankowa and Comanche Tribe had cloths made out of Loin cloths and Animal skins. Also both tribes had a chief or chiefs leading the tribe.Also both tribes ate some kind of an animal.