Extra! Extra! Get an "Extra" now!

By: Arturo Martinez

Hey,kids! You should get the prefix extra, he's a really cool dude!

This just in: the prefix "extra" has just hit the stores! Almost no one has him yet, so be the first to get him! He'll help clean your room! He'll do the laundry for you! He'll always be the one to go the extra mile! He'll always go above and beyond! You'll always stand out in a crowd with extra!

What is "extra" like?

Don't you want someone who is always hardworking and kind? Well, "extra" is the perfect prefix for you! He's the complete opposite of "mal"! While "mal" is mean and puts everyone down, "extra" is altruistic and caring. While "mal" is stealing a toddlers lolipop, "extra" is helping someone find their lost dog. He'll help you out whenever and however he can. If you want a pal like this, you should get "extra"! Only $24.99!

How did he grow up?

When growing up, "extra" was always the sort of prefix people wanted to hang around with. He was great at everything! Athletic, artistic, smart, you name it! After graduating from high school with the highest grades of his class, he went on to study at The University of Uptown. Now, he's here to offer his kindness and guidance to children everywhere! So what are you waiting for? Get him now!