Hawaii Honolulu

Cost of plane ticket, car rental, and hotel

$776 to go and come back for the plane tickets with a partner the total would be $1,542 and an economy car 95 dollars weekly and my total would be $117. Hotel will be in Waikiki, Honolulu for four nights and for two adults the price will be $821.70

Activities and or Tours

First on my list, would be a Hawaii snorkel with dolphins off Oahu's coast. The price per person would be $139.00 so for two people would be $278. Second on my list would be going on a hike to the top of Coco Head Crater on Oahu cost per person is $89.99 cost for two people end up being $179.98 and my third choice would be going to Kapena falls Waterfall hike the price for one person would be $49.99 the price for two people would be $99.98.


The first restaurant that i will be eating at is House Without a Key the prices are not high reviews are 4.7 stars the price for two meals would be $65 dollars. The second restaurant that I will be visiting will be Murphys Bar and Grill the price for two meals would be $49.75. My third choice would be The Cheescake Factory the price for two meals here would be $46.99.

Total cost of the trip

The total cost of the trip will not be cheap but it was eworth planning and orgnizing. With the cost of the hotel, plane, car rental, tour sites, and restaurants. The total cost of the ENTIRE trip would be $2,331.71