February Recognition

Ruby Reds Sparkle & SHINE!

Another RECORD Month

Look at YOU! You SHINED in February! Whether you sold one pair of studs or $7,000 of style....you made someone SMILE!

This year is off to a RECORD start! We have added almost 68 new Ruby Reds since January 1st! In February you sold $153,000 of Stella & Dot! You are making lives brighter and sharing JOY!

The best part....we've only just BEGUN!

Some of you might have had a slower start to 2014 - NEVER FEAR! Spring is NEAR!

This very typical in retail. We see a lull in January & February. But come March....the magic starts...warmer weather...spring break...and a lot more STYLE! And....with the new Summer Splash Incentive - you're sure to jump in and make a SPLASH this Spring!

So be prepared to dust off your getaway - it's time to get your Spring Style on! If you're wondering where to start - a trunk show is the PERFECT way! I believe in YOU - and if you want it bad enough you'll get a few shows booked! If you looking for inspiration - look no further than our team page! Lots of inspiring ladies - all them just like YOU!

Brigid Reisch shared this quote the other day....and I LOVE IT! Time to start swimming! There is a DANCE PARTY on that ship that you don't want to miss! Let's do it! TOGETHER!

Congrats on your February Promotions!!

Ruby Red Senior Stylists:
Kristen Fine

Laura Weingarten

Christina Kamberis

Emily Kuhlman

Congrats Kristen, Laura, Christina & Emily - you are ON YOUR WAY to STAR! I'm so proud of you and what you accomplished in February. You dreamed, you believed and your worked hard! The sky is the limit for YOU! I believe!!

Check out our Senior & Stars in the making! Congrats to our new LEAD stylists!

Ruby Red Lead Stylists:

Jennifer Bitar

Sara Young

Emily Kuhlman

Amber Oxford

Christie Anderson

Mellisa Scholl

Misty Bowden

Leslie Raver

Juliette Tria

Sommer Capps

Top In Sales

You shared the style...and earned $700-$2,300 doing it!

Who knew work could be this much fun! xoxo

#1 in Sales: Jennifer Bitar $7,538

(love this picture of Jennifer Bitar with her Guitar)

And it was her first month selling! Congrats girl. You are the next big thing and I'm so excited to have you on the team. HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Emily Kuhlman $5,641

Jennifer Salmans $5,119

Kristen Fine $4,061

Tara Renze $3,512

Kristy Pauly $3,389

Hilary Nauholz $3,257

Julie Williams $3,055

Leslie Reardon $2,844

Brandi Browning $2,714

Anne Loden $2,607

Laura McColley $2,503

Christina Kamberis $2,376

Christie Anderson $2,370

Andrea Seeman $2,368

Angela Clifton $2,341

Brigid Reisch $2,318

Jeanne Polhemus $2,312

Top in New Qualified Stylists

I believe the most rewarding part of Stella & Dot is helping other women Style THEIR Life! Congrats to our Ruby Reds who shared the love - and are changing lives! I challenge you to invite a friend or hostess to be part of our TRIBE. Aren't you so glad someone invited YOU! xoxo

Tara Renze 3

Elizabeth Krull 2

Laura Weingarten 2

Jean Sweet 2

Emily Kuhlman 2

Kristy Pauly 1

Brigid Reisch 1

Christina Kamberis 1

Brandi Browning 1

Anne Walton 1

Kristen Fine 1

Mellisa Scholl 1

Jennifer Bitar 1

Jennifer Smith 1

Amber Oxford 1

Sommer Capps 1

Christie Anderson 1


If you're year has gotten off to a slower start than you wish - NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE A SPLASH! What are you working for? Set your goal, make your plan and make it happen!

I find that right about the time I'm ready to kick up my feet and relax.....the next big idea comes along! Are you a Red Carpet VIP? I am - and I want YOU to be with me!

Tara Renze

Senior Director & Founding Leader
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists