Broadcast+ Package

Double the size for double impact

What you get by choosing Broadcast+?

  • 1400mmX2000mm size posters
  • spread to 50 sites
  • in one city
  • for two weeks


  • detailed photo reports
  • location lists
  • a commemorative 1" badge

Why choose Broadcast+?

Broadcast+ package has all the benefits that the regular Broadcast package has, except the posters offered here are twice as big. A larger format makes your posters a lot harder to miss and works great to bring extra impact on your audience. Two weeks of such coverage guarantees the word being spread out, which you'll immediately notice by the increase in your customer base.

How much is it?

We offer you this all-inclusive package for $7,000, GST included.

How do I order?

To order, call us at 1300 662 502 till 9PM on any business day! Tell us what you're working on and our outdoor advertising experts will help you get the most out of this package.

Would rather contact us through e-mail? No problem!

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