Of Missing Persons

By: Amber Miller


The main character in the story is Charley Ewell. Hes looking for a vacation spot to start his life over. He goes to a travel agent. The Travel agent shows him a peaceful far away island named Verna. He picks to take his vacation in Verna. He goes on the bus. His tickets get punched and they are dropped off at a old abandoned barn. Charley realizes that it was a trick and he tries to get help. He gets back home to New York.

Charley Ewell

Charley Ewell is a middle aged banker. He lives in New York. He lives by himself. He wants to start his life over from where he was born and raised. He wants to take a vacation to somewhere peaceful and not with alot of people.

Travel Agent

The travel agent is a middle aged man. Hes tall with gray hair. He works with Charley to find the perfect vacation. He shows Charley different vacation spots. Hes a con artist.

connection to fantasy

The way the short story Of Missing Persons are connected to fantasy is when you go on vacation your plane ticket doesn't only just have the current date it would have the dates that you would be leaving for vacation and the day that you would return from vacation. When people go on vacation they would go to a place that would be far away but would still have a good population on it.


stereopticon- means consisting of two complete lanterns so they are arranged when one pictures appears to dissolve when the next one is forming

Silhouetted- two-dimensional outline of an object