Hutcheson Jellyfish Weekly News

April 27 - May 1, 2015

Important Dates:

Thursday, April 30: Each student needs to bring a favorite poem
Sunday, May 3:
Concert for Financial Aid
Monday, May 4: Late Start (9:45 a.m.)

On the horizon:
Wednesday, May 6: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grades to US to watch the MS Peter Pan performance in the afternoon. We will be back for dismissal.
Wednesday, May 13: Third Grade Field Trip to the Blanton Art Museum
Saturday, May 16: Diversity Dash 5k and Fun Run
Tuesday, May 26: Third Grade EOY Pool Party
Thursday, May 28: Field Day

Academic Updates:

Word Study: This week, we are starting Vocabulary Workshop Unit 8. This year, I have loved how the students come to me when they find the words we are studying in their independent reading. This is wonderful, as we want these words to come to life for the students OUTSIDE of just their workbooks.

Math: We have finished up Division for the time being, and we are now concentrating on Geometry/Area and Perimeter. This includes lines, rays, shapes, polygons, etc. The students already have some background knowledge of this from growing up. :)

Reading: We are continuing with our study of Non-Fiction texts. The students are fascinated by their non-fiction books from the library, and they are so exciting about sharing what they have learned from these books. They are learning to summarize and remember the most important parts of each section of the book, and they are learning and identifying non-fiction text features: headings, graphs, captions with pictures, glossaries, maps, etc. We are weaving this into our next Social Studies Unit.

Social Studies:
We are winding up with our Climate Change unit and are moving on to a government unit on the Congress of the United States. We have non-fiction booklets for this unit, and the students will be using their non-fiction skills to summarize and remember what they have learned from the text.

A few pictures from Music Class Trash Band


  • Readers continue to practice their reading lives by reading and jotting nightly. Readers should jot once per chapter OR two jots per night. Jots are to be "second-thought" jots. This means jots should show deeper thinking, include reasons and/or examples, and should not simply repeat what the author has stated in the text. Jots should reflect deeper thinking. Students should be reading 25 to 35 minutes per night and recording in the log in addition to jots.
  • 30 - 40 minutes of Dreambox practice due by May 4th.
  • (Some students have been slacking on these over the past month. Please check in with your child.)
  • Tuesday night: Your child will bring home a Scholastic News magazine and will need to read the first article, "Insect Invaders." Your child will then use a form of boxes and bullets (they know what this is) to help remember the main idea and details about that article. The boxes and bullets part will be recorded in the Red Reading Spiral.