Senior Project

Everything to know for a stress-free SP experience! :-)

Fall 2014 Due Dates

These are the dates for the Senior Project. Please put these in your calendar and adhere to them. They will approach quickly, so keep up with your assignments and work ahead as much as possible! I will update this and make an announcement in class as new dates arise.

8/29/14 Signed Parent Letter & Ethics Pledge due

9/5/14 Letter of Intent due

9/19/14 Signed Mentor Consent due

9/26/14 Sign of Commitment due digitally

10/6/14 Final Paper due & signed Academic Advisor Meeting due

10/20/14 Hours log check #1

10/27/14 Hours log check #2

11/7/14 Resume due

11/10/14 Hours log check #3

11/24/14 Hours log check #4; signed Academic Advisor Meeting #2 due; Reflection due digitally

12/2/14 Portfolio due digitally; Mentor Final Evaluation due

1/8/14 Presentations after school!!

As you can see, the items are discussed below in the order they are due.

Parent Letter & Ethics Pledge

This is the first page of your Senior Project booklet. Please make sure you have parent and student signatures on both pages!!

Letter of Intent

I will show you the template and examples in class. These are also available on Angel. Rough drafts are going to be turned in first, then, I will return them for you to make edits. Please proofread/spell check all of your work!!

Topic Selection

There are some requirements for the topic of your project. You must do a research paper and 15 project hours related to your project, so choose wisely.

1. Topics must be considered a stretch for the student. For example, a student on the football team cannot do a project on football. However, coaching football would be acceptable.

2. All topics must be approved by the committee, so nothing inappropriate!

3. Select a topic that is interesting to you! A potential career, a hobby, or something beneficial to the community are all great options.

Overall, when in doubt, ask me!!!

Academic Advisor & Mentor

Each student will have two (2) adults assisting with this project (aside from your parents, possible interviewees, etc.).


The academic advisor is an adult employed by MGSD who is not related to the student. The advisor will review the paper, portfolio, and help the student practice their presentation. Have a favorite teacher, coach, or counselor? This is the time to ask politely for their help.


The mentor is an adult with expertise in the chosen topic. The mentor will supervise the student during the 15 required project hours, can serve as an interviewee for the paper, and will be asked to fill out the final evaluation of the student's performance. This can be someone the student knows or a stranger contacted because of their employment or affiliation with an organization.

I will be happy to assist any students in finding an academic advisor or mentor.

Mentor Consent

Once you find your mentor, they will need to fill out the mentor information form found in the mentor packet. As soon as this form is returned, you can begin project hours, so do this quickly!!

Sign of Commitment

We will also go over the Sign of Commitment template and examples in class and they are available on Angel. These will be printed and posted in the main hallway of the school for all visitors to see, as well as the judges when they come in January!


The research paper must be related to the hours and product, keep this in mind!!

Paper requirements:

Minimum 6 full to maximum 7 full pages typed pages.

One student-generated visual that is a maximum of 1/2 a page.

A minimum of five-six sources (more is fine!!) - One must be an interview

12 point Helvetica or Times New Roman font; one-inch margins; double-spaced

MLA citations for all cited material

**NO TEXT SPEAK!! - This is a formal, academic paper!

Write your paper in a GoogleDoc and let me see it, so I can go back and make edits as you write. Also, if you want me to look at your entire paper - email it to me or set up an appointment to meet with me after school or during your lunch!

Project Hours

- No hours can be completed before you have English 12.

- You may complete up to 5 hours during the research portion of the project, if your mentor consent form is turned in.

- Must do a minimum of 15 hours (you may do more!!)

- Document all hours in mentor log and student log! Mentor must sign both!!

- If you skip school to do hours, you will fail.

- Hours cannot be done at your job, or during your school organization, sport, internship, or club participation.

You must demonstrate your participation:

- Minimum of 10 pictures. At least 1 must be of you and your mentor.

- Minimum of 5 30-second video clips.


Your digital portfolio will showcase all of your hard work throughout the Senior Project semester. Your judges will see your portfolio before they judge your presentation. We will discuss the portfolio in class as it gets closer.

Your portfolio will include:

"About Me" tab

Senior Project introduction page

Letter of Intent


Sign of Commitment

Research paper w/ outline and works cited

Journal entries for all logs with date & time complete

Final reflection

Photos & Videos from hours

Product or photos and videos with description of product

This project is for you to learn something and enjoy yourself!!

How to contact Ms. Chapman if you are lost or confused!


TWITTER: achapmanmgsd

PHONE: 704-658-2580 (MHS main office)