Reproductive System

By: Brock Matson


A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast, to check for breast cancer in women. An x-ray is needed because sometimes women don't have any symptoms of breast cancer, and this test will tell them if they have breast cancer. You should start getting tested at 45 and get tested every year. Then between 50-74 it is needed every two years.

Pap Smears

A pap smear is a test for cervical cancer. Women usually get this test when they are sexually active or when they turn 21. It is good to get this test every three years. It is good to get check ups because if you catch cervical cancer early, it can be cured.

Testicular exams

A testicular exam is where a doctor checks a mans testicles, to see if their are signs of a problem, including lumps, change in size and tenderness. You can also do a self exam in the mirror to check if anything is wrong. Most of the time a lump on the testicle is the first sign of cancer, and should be treated right away. If a family member had a problem with this, you should get checked every month.

Prostate exam

Prostate exams are when a doctor does an internal examination of your rectum. You start getting a prostate exam at the age of 50, and you get one every four years after your turn 50.