Iranian Hostage Crisis

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About the Holding

52 Americans were captured On November 4,1979 and held hostage for 444 days after after a group of Iranians broke into to the U.S Embassy in Iran. It was all brought down to Jim Carter to allow their ex ruler shah come to the United States for help with cancer .

Although it wasn't just about cancer the Iranian students sort of wanted to make a statement : And to end the tension that's between the 2 countries . This whole crisis caused Jim Carter not to win his second term election . Which Ronald Reagan won January 21,1981 . Shortly after the hostages were released .


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a leader of a nation in Iran


secret police in Iran in the 1970's

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Americans captured

President Carter really wanted Iran to let go of the hostages so he stopped buying oil from Iran since they wouldn't let the hostages go. April 24,1980 the attempted to rescue the hostages but it failed .The death of Shah made it even more worse . An Iran-Iraq had begun and the Iranians more receptive to fixing to hostage crisis . Jim Carter not being able to bring the hostages home resulting in him loosing the election to Ronald Reagan .In 2000 the hostages sued Iran under the 1996 Antiterroism Act.
Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 (ABC News Report From 11/11/1979)

1 out of the many americans that were captured .^

The Real Story of the Iran Hostage Crisis

Protest For shah , ^

American Sign To Release Their Hostages . ^

Its been 33 years January 21,1981 , since the hostages have been released .!