Course Update #6

Following the Due Date of el 24 de octubre

Please, once again, take the time to look at your Spanish 1 A student's grades.

Access to their grades is through the Assessment Tab. Once you pull down the menu, you will see "Grades" as an option.

Click "Grades," and you should be able to see the grades from the beginning of the course to October 29.

The Module for this Due Date has included La Familia.

During this module, students have had the opportunity to learn to describe their families with respect to their own lives. Even a description of their mascotas - pets - has been available. Many of them have written excellent descriptions of their families.

At this time of the year in many Spanish-speaking countries, there is an unusual tradition that occurs between Oct. 30 and Nov. 1. It is known as the Day of the Dead.

This tradition seems quite strange to us, and indeed has pagan roots.

However, the main idea of the days is to honor loved ones who have passed away. That is a sweet tradition, and it means a lot to those who celebrate the day. What is strangest to us is the prevalence of the brightly decorated skeletons and skulls which are part of the main decorations. Even the most favored candy during this time is the famous sugar skull candy. Children look longingly at the assortment, some bearing initials or names that would match theirs, hoping to choose the absolute best sugar skull. ( Times have really changed. Now, Sugar Skull Candy can be ordered from

If you would like to view a video that has the essence of the day, paste this link into your browser. (This shows how culturally different we are.)

Our next and last module has to do with "La Comida" - Food.

In addition to learning to use Spanish to name items that we eat everyday, students will learn about Hispanic foods, like "Tres Leches Cake" and " Churros." Both are delicious and not to be eaten if you don't want to gain some weight,
More about those in the next Smore. (Thank you for reading this one.)