Bryan Suarez

English 3

Hobbies and Activities

I have many hobbies that include playing video games, playing with my pets, and hanging out with friends and family. The activities that I like to are play basketball and sometimes i'll pull out the bat and hit some baseballs down at my grandmas house. I love taking my dog out for walks by the river while throwing rocks into the water.


I have always went to school in the Buhler usd 313 district.

-Union Valley


-Prairie Hills

-Buhler High School

The colleges that I would like to attend are KU, Michigan State, WSU, louisville, or UNLV.

My Family

In my family I live with my mom Carol while my dad Carlos travels around America fixing pipelines and doing other dirty jobs. I also have one brother who's name is Brad Buckbee he is a Sheriff in Wichita and is currently attending WSU. I have two uncles from my moms side of the family and also two from my dads side. i Have one Dog who is a miniature pinscher, and 3 Baby kittens.

Health Concerns

I have no health problems.