Me and Stuff

I'm a 16 year old female, I love to hang out with my family and my friends and my boyfriend. My family is kinda big and has many parts to it. I love to go Camping and Sandboarding in Florence, Oregon. I love the beach and I love to go swimming in the ocean and rivers. My family and I go camping every summer on the Oregon Coast, we spend a week there and we just have a blast we all go sandboarding and go to the lake and swim. Most importantly we just spend time and enjoy each others company.
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My Favorite Stories

One of my all time favorite stories is Thirteen Reasons Why, this book is about a girl who had committed suicide and she had made tapes of the reasons why she had and she was sending them around to the people who made her want to commit suicide. Another on of my favorite books is The Fault In Our Stars, this book is about a girl with stage four lung cancer who just loves to read she had read a book by one of her favorite authors but the book ended with a cliff hanger and she wanted to know what happened to the characters so she had wrote the author an email and he got back to her saying he wouldn't tell her over writing but in person. Her love interest in the book also had cancer but he had beat his but he still had his make a wish, wish so he had used it on him and the main character to fly Amsterdam to see this author but when they had got to meet him he was extremely rude to them.