Teacher Course Pages


Quizlet Widget

Teachers are using Quizlet as a way for students to review and practice vocabulary, sight words, spelling words, and more! Quizlet study sets can be embedded into a widget on your homepage for quick and easy student access.

Remind Widget

Teachers are using Remind to keep in touch with students and parents. Remind can be used to send out text and email reminders about upcoming events, homework, tests, etc. A feed of your Remind messages can be embedded into a widget on your homepage for students and parents who are not yet signed up for these updates.

(Widget created by Rachel Howard, Benefield ES)

Discussion Link Widget

Teachers are making navigation easier for students by adding images to a widget. Then, the teachers are linking the image to a discussion board for the students to complete. Students can quickly navigate to the correct discussion boards with this visual support.

(Widget created by Kathy Newman, Corley ES)

Individualized Student Work Widget

Special education teachers are creating widgets that are individualized for each student. Widgets are conditionally released so that each student only sees their widget. Then, teachers are using the widgets to link students to activities specific to each students' needs.

(Widget created by Amanda Ansell, Kanoheda ES)

Map Widget

Create a map of important locations by pinning them on Google Maps. Include images and descriptions on your pins to make it more informative and visually appealing. Embed maps that show the locations of historical events, that indicate geographical features, or that highlight the birthplaces of important historical figures.

(Widget created by Krista Sheppard, Art Teacher, Dyer ES)

Thinglink Widget

Thinglink is a web tool that allows the viewer to hover over tags to view additional information. Teachers are using Thinglink to capture students' attention and to provide them with additional information. Embed a Thinglink that includes facts, describes characters, labels maps, labels diagrams, etc.

(Widget created by Leslie Crider, Creekland MS)

Wonderopolis Widget

Many teachers are embedding Wonderopolis in their eCLASS pages to encourage student curiosity and imagination. Wonderopolis is a web tool that displays a new "wonder" each day. A wonder is a question such as "why is the sky blue" or "how many types of triangles are there". Each question includes a video, pictures, and an article that answers the question. The article even has a read aloud feature!

Syllabus Widget

Add your syllabus to a widget to make it easy and quick for students to access. Make your syllabus easier to read and more visual using a web tool such as Piktochart.

(Widget created by Deanne King, Berkmar HS)

USA Test Prep Widget

USA Test Prep provides embed codes for their question of the day and vocabulary of the day review. Elementary, middle, and high school options are available. Embed the widget related to your course for students to practice test taking skills and content area knowledge daily. Consider using this as part of your bell ringer or ticket out the door routines.

Twitter Feed Widget

High school teachers are embedding their Twitter feed into a widget on their eCLASS page. Teachers are using Twitter to send reminders, to pose thought provoking questions, to share what is happening in class, and to share interesting facts.