Catching Food In The Wilderness

How To Retrieve Safe Food To Eat When Stranded

Catching Fish

  • Fish provide calories and protein. You can also lay them out to dry in the sun. You can sharpen a stick to make a spear, or make a pole out of a stick, a shoe lace, and a hook or safety pin.
  • Avoid eating spikey fish and jelly fish though, fish that puffs up for protection, or fish with beaks.

Eating Bugs

If you cannot catch any fish, you can always eat bugs. Ants, grasshoppers, and grubs are all safe to eat if they are dead. DO NOT risk eating questionable berries, mushrooms, or plants.

About The Fruits To Look For

  • Look for familiar fruits such as coconuts, bananas, or plantains.
  • You know if a coconut is ripe by seeing how green it is. It will be loaded with electrolytes and jelly to eat. If it is mature and harder than a green one, you would get milk and meat out of it instead. To open the coconuts, your best bet is repeatedly slamming it against a tree until it begins to crack, once it cracks, you are able to salvage the jelly and water, or milk and meat.

How To Hunt, Prepare, and cook Little Rodents

  • Same as the fish, use a wood pole to make a spear. Then make sure to catch the animal, and then you can do the following.

  • First, soak the rodent (preferribly squirrel, chipmunk, rabbit, raccoon, etc.) to wash and avoid getting hair on your meat.

  • Second, Make sure you cut through the base of the animal's tail bone, but be careful not to cut the hide on top of the rump.

  • Third, you place the animal on a hard, flat surface, and make a small cut toward the head.

  • Fourth, cut the skin in front of its hind legs.

  • Fifth, peel the hide toward the head again, but exposing both front legs.

  • Sixth, put pressure on the tail (stepping on it) and pull the hide down to the back feet. Then you want to pull the front legs through and cut the feet off, then the hind feet and head too.

  • Next make sure the body has no remaining hair on it, remove the entrails, and wash the body cavity.

  • Lastly, cook it over a fire using the spear as a brine.