FSE Weekly Update

There's a Superhero in Each of Us!

January 29, 2016

Guardian of the Galaxy!

Tami Kensing is our Guardian of the Galaxy this week. For those of you who didn't know, we have been trying for about a month to catch a mouse that would leave "presents" on Alice's desk each night. The mouse was caught last night and Tami removed the mouse before we came in this morning! Thank you Tami!

Remember to recognize each other for great things this week!

School Supplies

If you have a student who needs school supplies, or if you are short school supplies, please see Cynthia. She keeps extra supplies on hand for anyone who might need it. Also, paras, if you need supplies for when you go in to support students, please see Cynthia.

Laminating Wait Time

Please allow a few extra days for laminating to be completed. We have pulled some of the extra help from the library to cover IEP minutes, so we need a little more time to process laminating. Thank you!

Spending Deadline February 5

We will cut off accepting Requisitions after February 5. Please make sure you have purchased everything you need or secured a PO for spring purchases. Thanks!

Valentine Day Parties

Friday, February 12, we will celebrate Valentine's Day. Parties cannot begin before 1:30. This is also class picture day, so parties need to wait until 1:30 or later. Once you develop your note, please send a copy to Ms. Kensing.

Making a Difference

Thank you for your honest reflections this week. In addition to the number data, this article reminds us of all the other data points that prove you are making a difference. Thank you for being the positive point in our students' lives.

Schlitterbahn Reading Challenge

Teachers please encourage your students to take on this reading challenge. Mrs. Varnon and I have been working for over a year to get FSE on this reading challenge. Schlitterbahn only allows a select number of schools to do this challenge, so it is exciting to have this offered to our students!

Save the Date- June 13-17

The TEKS Resource Conference is being moved from August to June. It will be held in San Antonio, despite the rumors we heard last year about it moving to Dallas. We usually try to send teachers from each team, so please save this week when planning vacations.

Counseling Corner

Homework Lab Tuesday-Friday- Be sure the student brings their homework with them!

Paw Buck Store is now open: Monday-Friday, 7:00-7:25- If your students are asking for particular items for the store, please let us know!

Weekly Good News Submission For February

Please be sure to email Kim Cathey for the Wilson County News.

February 1-5: Kathy Silva & Christi Olinick

February 8-12: Lisa Orth & Susan Eubanks

February 15-19: Sara Garcia & Brandon Johns

February 22-26: Emily Tejeda & Stephanie Jimenez

February 29-March 4: Olivia Bailey (Dr. Seuss)

March 7-11: Heather Titzman & Catherine Bruett


Summer LIbrary Hours

FSE Library will be open Wednesdays only from 8 am to 12:00 noon during the month of June. At 10 am each Wednesday in June, we will have a special activity planned for students. If you would like to help out, please contact Terri or Sharon.

Save the Dates!

Please remember to check the !ALL South online calendar.

February 1- Choir

February 2- Power Up shirt day; Child Study in the Cafeteria

February 3- Early Release, students only

February 4- Power Hour; Student Council Meeting

February 5- Deadline to Spend money

February 8- 100th day of school

February 10- Little Sprouts

February 11- 4th/5th grade dance

February 12- Group Picture Day, Valentine Parties after 1:30

February 29- Read a Thon

February 29-March 4 Celebrate Dr. Seuss Week!

Happy Birthday to our February Birthdays!!!!

Feb. 1 Leysa Pavliska

Feb. 5 Kathy Silva

Feb. 6 Christi Olinick

Feb. 13 Stephanie Jimenez and Heather Titzman

Feb. 15 Kathy Wescott

Feb. 18 Ashley Kline

Feb. 22 Shelley Keck

Feb. 23 Celena Hernandez

Feb. 24 Roxie Ortiz

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