by Velinka and Ivan


May 2014

We are learning English in Lingva. We are at the B1+ a Adult course. Our teacher`s name is Ivana. We have classes every Monday and Wensday. This course includes 60 classes from February to June. We have three more colleagues. We are the best students in our school.
We have diplomas from the last few learning levels and courses. We like learning English in pairs and having many conversation activities in our classes. Our priorities are speaking and writing. The reason for our learning Englis are pleasure and job. We want to be ready to respond to a job interview, and develop the skills needed for communication with people who live abroad. We are satisfied with our present knowledge and we're trying to improve our skills. This course meets our expetations.


Big cleaning in Valjevo

A very successful action for cleaner city was organized in Valjevo, last weekend. This is the first action of this kind in our city and many organisations participated in it, such as "Vidrak", "VIPOS", the Military of Serbia and other organisations. Moreover, many citizens who wanted to help took part in this happening. This was the great action that showed other people the power of our community to make our city be a better place for living. These organisations made a deal to repeat this action in the following years, and to try to include citizens from other cities and countries.
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1st private school in Valjevo

Pioneer of blended learning in Serbia