Manage Your Stress

By Katherine Ragusa and Sarah Steindl

Don't Procrastinate!

When you procrastinate, you face a lot more stress. For example, when you have a book report, as the deadline gets closer the pressure and stress increases. This makes things frustrating and difficult as you wait till the last minute. To avoid this problem, we have to be realistic with our time and plan ahead.

Why June doesn't procrastinate

June had to pack for Honey Boo Boo's pageant. Honey had to pack five different outfits for the competition. June kept putting it off and it stressed her out. Her blood pressure went up and her heart rate increased. June learned from that experience and never procrastinated again.

Helpful Tips

1) Use a planner or calender to help manage your time.

2) Don't overbook yourself.

3) Prioritize, Take care of the important things first.

4) Take care of you important obligations first.

5) Keep track of deadlines and due dates.

6) Spread the work load into small tasks.

7) Snack on healthy food to keep your mind focused.

8) Listen to music that calms your mind and helps make the time go by faster.

9) Don't stay up too late doing work, it drains all your energy.

10) Don't get distracted by your electronics.

Music calms the brain.

Music has a healthy impact on stress for several reasons. It slows the heart rate, lowers the blood pressure and decreases the levels of stress hormones. Music absorbs our attention helping to prevent mind wandering. Singing or shouting can be a good option of releasing tension. Overall music restores the harmony between the mind and body.
Relaxing Anti-Stress Music