Cloud redunancy

Business-friendly & Instant E-Commerce Stores With Cloudways

The opportunities that Cloud computing bring to businesses of all sizes are quite well known. However, e-Commerce has been a more elusive domain to achieve much recognition when it comes to the Cloud.

As the e-Commerce industry evolves and grows to integrate most of the capabilities well-established with the mortar and bricks retail versions, have their own unique requirements. The main point that drives home a successful Cloud redunancy for e-Commerce websites, Shopping Carts, and eStore applications, is framed around real world advantages that move beyond simple ecommerce hosting, whether self-managed or fully managed.

To be successful, innovative e-Commerce applications need to demonstrate:

• A complete sales life-cycle management capability.

• Instant and easy to deploy stores (whether through third-party carts or proprietary apps).

• Live expert customer support as well as e-Commerce consulting services for custom e-Commerce system deployment, management, as well as for post-deployment support.

How Cloudways Does It?

Cloudways offers comprehensive e-Commerce capabilities for all business types and of any size. Since, Cloudways has always been the leading SMB-friendly Cloud service provider, it is in a unique position to extend that expertise and capability to all business types, from large-scale, to medium strength, to SMBs and micro-SMBs.

The business-friendly, Cloud-based e-Commerce service from Cloudways enables businesses to expand through innovative sales channels and gain market-share in a segment where they previously didn’t have exposure to.

E-Commerce Capabilities with Cloudways

Cloudways offers businesses of all sizes to instantly and easily launch e-Commerce websites and businesses. The capabilities offered to these businesses take into account many factors that are unique to each business type and enhance their existing brands. The extended sales channel is optimized not only with state-of-the-art architecture and robust security, but also industry compliance and friendly customer support, enabling these businesses to launch new e-Commerce websites over the Cloud or extend their existing with new sales channels over the Cloud.


Whether small or large, businesses of all sizes expect to gain real world benefits from Cloud redunancy. However, a clear, defined, and strong sales channel expansion plan relies on specific underlying factors that help businesses take their product(s) to market at a faster pace, at lower costs, and across multiple-channels.

We believe that Cloudways has a fan following for its PowerCloud™ plan mostly because it is business-centric in a way that recognizes the urgency for the needs (see Table above).

In brief, Cloudways enables emerging, micro-SMBs, mid-to-larger sized businesses, and enterprises to easily:

• build an online sales channel even if they have no previous experience in the market

• take very small scale e-Commerce solutions to enterprise-level ecommerce platform

• extend brand reach and scale operations to new territories without the hassles of a traditional business expansion into international or hard-to-reach markets.