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Title VI- Native American Program

Community Connections

In this issue we hope that you can celebrate with us as we brag about all the amazing things our students do while in the community.
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Mark your Calendars!

Lushootseed Bingo is Coming!!!

Thursday April 21st at Spanaway Middle School

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Did you know?

Our Native American TOSAs- Teachers on Special Assignment provide services to the following:

18 Elementary schools (K-5)

6 Middle schools (6-8)

3 Comprehensive senior high schools (9-12)

1 Alternative high school (9-12)

1 Elementary online academy

1 District wide online academy (K-12)

1 School of choice (K-8)

7 Preschools

Not to mention this school year we have supported 322 students in our Title VI program from over 90 various tribes.

Kimora, Rhoda and Victoria from the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

We are enrolled members of the Confederated tribes of Warm Springs Oregon. Our other tribes are, Yakama, Nez Perce and Colville. Kimora is 14 and attends Graham Kapowsin High School. She is a 2nd degree black belt as well. Rhoda attends Liberty Middle School. She will be 12 years old on March 2nd, and on March 19th she'll be receiving her 2nd Degree black belt in taekwondo. Victoria is 7 and attends Frederickson Elementary. She is an advanced yellow belt.

They all enjoy taekwondo and work hard on being better examples and leaders for other children, especially Native American children.

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Hunter from the Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota

This is Hunter Kenyon, a student at Cougar Mt. Middle School. Hunter is also a tribal member of Three Affiliated Tribes of North Dakota. Hunter is an amazing 12 year old boy. Whatever he puts his mind to he conquers. He is the quarterback of his football team, a Jr rider in motocross and loves to hunt! He got his first deer this year. He is a very hard worker and an amazing big brother to his two baby sisters. He has the biggest heart and always puts others before himself.
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Jalen from the Puyallup Tribe

Jalen James is a student at Bethel High School. He is an enrolled member of the Puyallup tribe. Jalen is a member of the chamber orchestra, and he plays the violin. When we asked Jalen to share about being a member of the orchestra he stated the following, "Playing an instrument takes practice. When you first start off you learn what the notes are and how to play them. Then there’s this thing called “VIBRATO,” which is making your instrument vibrate. We also practice music for concerts. and in chamber you can also practice for ensembles or solo ensembles."

Shelby-Lynn from the Enterprise Rancheria Estom Yumakia Maidu

Shelby-lynn is a 10th grader at Bethel High School. She currently has a 3.6 GPA and is a goalie on the lacrosse team. This past summer she spent time participating in a few clinics to help her improve upon her skills. Additionally Shelby-lynn contributes in the community by working after school. Recently she received Employee of the Month and she just got a promotion to team trainer.

As she prepares for her junior year of high-school she is lining up to attend Running Start. After high school she aspires to become a game warden. Shelby-lynn has a passion for animals. We have a saying "If she's late, she's seen a dog"

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Damien and Shaylee from the Puyallup Tribe

Shaylee Wilson is in 1st grade at Nelson Elementary. Currently she is doing gymnastics at YMCA.

Damian is in 3rd grade at Nelson Elementary. He just finished his winter soccer season. His team finished the season as the undefeated champions!

Chloe from the Stillaguamish Tribe

Chloe is in 2nd grade and is a member of the Stillaguamish Tribe located in Arlington, WA. She loves dance class and is trying Jazz & Hip Hop this year. She has played soccer and baseball but is really loving basketball right now. Chloe and her family have been putting together food and hygiene kits to hand out to the homeless which she is very proud of. She is always willing and wanting to help those in need.
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Arden, Leora, and Jade - Yakima and Nisqually

This picture was taken before we arrived at Rocky Ridge this year. We were attending a rally and march in awareness for Indigenous peoples back on my home lands. We as a family strive to raise awareness and help educate those who don't know about Indigenous peoples. All three of my kids have danced since they could walk and have won tiny tot competitions in the powwow circle. Unfortunately we are in mourning and haven't been able to do our traditional practices like sewing, beading, dancing and singing as much as we want but we can't wait to come back out next year. My kids are Yakama and Nisqually. Their step dad is Yakama as well. I'm Southern Ute, Hopi and Laguna.

Trey and Trinity


He has been part of the Bethel Braves (now Bison Youth Football program) since 2017. Playing defense is his favorite. He finished with straight A's last year as well as A's and 2 B's last semester. His goal is to have high grades every semester. Trey loves fishing and is old enough to test for his gun safety class for hunting. Also he loves watching anime and playing video games.


Has been part of the Bethel Braves/Bisons since 2018 as a youth cheerleader. She loves to call out the cheers and make friends with the new cheerleaders. She finished last year with all As and Bs, and Bs last semester. Trinity also loves to read, listen to k-pop, watch anime and hang out with her bestie.

Stachen - Elwha

Stachen Stephan whose name means "wolf" in Elwha language goes to Cougar Mt. Middle School. As a student there she is in choir, drama club, and soccer. Currently her mom is teaching her some beading and her Aunt is teaching her how to make earrings.

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Cielo - Navajo

Cielo is in Kindergarten at Roy Elementary. For the past 2 years she has participated in ballet and tumbling classes. She loves dancing and flipping all over the place.

Logan- Chickasaw

Logan is a 7th grade student at Liberty Middle School. Weekly he shares with Mrs. Barger his drawings and tells a story of each. Logan has improved greatly in his artwork and shows much determination and desire to be a very capable artist.
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Tyshawn and Joseph- Nes Perce and Squamish

Tyshawn is a 7th grade student at Liberty Middle School. One of his hobbies is to play outside with his family and cousins. He also enjoys playing baseball, basketball, riding ATV's and playing video games. For the past 6 years he has participated on the Graham Eagles Youth Football team. In school he has been doing very well, his favorite subject is Science. The Native American Education Program allows him to connect with his Native American Heritage as well as with other Native American kids and their tribes.

Joseph is a 2nd grade student at Frederickson Elementary. Like his big brother he loves being around family. He also enjoys being outside, running and playing. Other hobbies of his are to read books and play all kinds of sports. In school his favorite subject is Math. For Joseph, the The Native American Education Program allows him to connect with other Native American Friends.

Ian- Ute

Ian is a senior at Bethel High School who has been determined to graduate regardless of the impacts that COVID may have had on him. Not only will he proudly walk across the stage this year with his class, but he has recently sworn in to the Marines.
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Centennial Elementary Art

One of the many blessings for our students in Bethel is having one of our very own Indigenous Parent Committee members working as an art teacher at Centennial Elementary. This month the 2nd and 3rd graders at Centennial were introduced to the work of Billy Frank Jr. in art class. They celebrated his work by creating a collaborative salmon art project. There were discussions about the connection to where we live and the importance of leaving a place better than we find it. Each student created their own unique textured salmon and they were displayed together to shed light on Billy Frank Jr Day.

We lift our hands to you Mrs. Visaya and your amazing work you are doing with your students at Centennial as well as with our Native Community.

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