My Reading History

A Chronicled Account

Early Age/Pre-School Age

  • My parents read to me and I spent time looking at books
  • Favorite book = The Rainbow Goblins

Elementary School

  • Started reading in 1st grade
  • Did NOT like to read
  • Only read because I had to
  • My parents and teachers told me it was important
  • In 2nd grade, we had a contest to see who read the most books during the school year. I only participated so I didn't look dumb.
  • Liked going to the library to read books about animals and write reports
  • Favorite books = Charlotte's Web, Ramona, Boxcar Children

Middle School

  • Only read what I had to for school, mostly textbooks

High School

  • Read novels, poetry, biographies for school
  • Started to read for pleasure
  • Understood reading was important if I wanted to go to college
  • Liked to choose what I was reading, not what I was told to read
  • Favorite books = To Kill a Mockingbird, Jurassic Park, Flowers in the Attic


  • Read mostly textbooks for school, enjoyed those related to science
  • Pleasure reading during winter and summer vacations
  • Enjoyed reading at this point in my life
  • Went to local elementary school and read to students frequently
  • Understood that reading improved my written and oral communication skills
  • Favorite book = The Green Mile


  • Started going back and reading books from high school, for example: Shakespeare, Dante's Inferno, The Scarlet Letter
  • Still read to enhance my knowledge of science
  • Read the news daily
  • Pleasure reading during winter and summer vacations
  • Read to my own kids and teach them that reading is important

What Influenced My Reading?

Even though my parents and teachers explained reading was important, I did not enjoy reading as a child. I knew I had to read for school and just did it. As I got older, I began to enjoy reading. Thinking back, I created more vivid pictures in my mind while reading as I got older. I think this influenced my love for reading.

ELL's Attitude Towards Reading

I believe that reading is a love you have to have from within. Other people cannot make you love to read. People who struggle reading usually do not like to read. For an ELL student, reading might be terrifying. I believe, as an ELL student's language develops, their enjoyment in reading would increase. However, they may never like to read. I think a teacher does have influence on a student's attitude towards reading. For me, it took fifteen years to enjoy reading.