About Achondroplasia

Facts about Achondroplasia

If you don't know what Achondroplasia is, it is a disorder of bone growth.

*If you have this disorder you have small bones/ small body but a big head.


*Doctors can't really do anything to help them be "bigger." They just have to face the world with this disorder.

*In order to help them you can have them stay active swimming or biking but the can't do any contact type sports because there bones aren't as strong as someone who doesn't have this disorder. Do this to avoid obesity. When there an infant support their necks and don't leave them in a awkward position

*Two facts about this disorder 1. this disorder makes your bones small because there is no cartilage.2. If you have this disorder and you plan on having kids with someone who doesn't have this disorder there is a 50% chance that you kid will have this disorder.


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