Syrian Civil War

Presentation by Phillip Prsevski

Humanitarian Crisis

The Syrian Civil War has been going on since its start on 15th March 2011. It’s not just soldiers, policemen, and government officials that have been affected by this war – it’s also innocent civilians, including children. In fact, the Syrian Civil War has been called one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent history with over 100 000 killed, about 6 000 of these were children. Recently there has been the use of chemical weapons which has caused a death toll range from 281 to 1,729 fatalities.


The start of Syrian Civil War started with Bashar Al-Assad’s rise to power. Bashar Al-Assad was believed to be the successor of his father Hafez Al-Assad (former president of Syria). The Assad regime introduced political reforms and economic changes in the goal of modernizing Syria such as other Western countries.

When people began to protest against him, Bashar used mass repression and violence to enforce his commands – relying also on the Mukhabarat (the Syrian secret security police) to silence political enemies. Protesters were kidnapped, tortured, and killed by the Assad regime – so in response rebel groups and organizations began to form.

This has also lead to the Syrian government destroying local towns as well as volunteer rebel fighters from other Middle Eastern countries supporting the Free Syrian Army.

What is being done?

The Syrian Civil War is important as if it does not come to a peaceful end, there will be more casualties, conflicts, and foreign military intervention (whether it is from the US, Israel, Russia, or the UN).

Although the civil war continues, there has been some progress to peace - such as the destroying of the chemical weapons in Syria, initiated by America and Russia.

The Syrian Civil War could go on for much longer but efforts are being made by major world countries (such as America and Russia) to end the war on peaceful terms.

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Support Organizations

It's not just major world countries that are trying to help bring an end to the Syrian conflict, it's also various groups and support organizations that are supporting people in need of the crisis. Some of which include: