End of the Semester Newsletter

Course Update Information

This is a reminder that grades have been updated in Oceanography. At your earliest convenience, please log in to the course and review the student's progress at www.gavirtualschool.org. Please contact me if you have questions.

If you have seen a drop in the grade or the grade is below a 75, the low grade is more than likely a result of assignments not being completed. If you see a zero in the gradebook this indicates an assignment that needs to be completed as soon as possible so that the late penalty will not effect the grade too negatively.

With only one Assignment Due Date remaining in the course, it is important to encourage students to turn in assignments as they complete them per the schedule. Waiting until the last minute and having zeros that stick could result in a low final average for the course. In addition, turning in assignments ahead of the deadline could provide opportunities for resubmission and a higher grade.

In the final week of the course, students will be taking their Final Exam. The Final Exam will only be available for 2 days (May 8th and 9th). If students do not complete their final on one of these days, then their grade will be a zero. Please ensure students take their final on one of the days indicated above.

The Final Exam is a 50 question test. The questions consist of multiple choice, true/false, matching, and short answer. I will be conducting a Finals Review chat sessions to briefly review all of the topics we have covered this semester. In addition, students can listen to any chat recording from this semester to help review the vocabulary and concepts. Student should also view questions missed from past tests to ensure they do not miss the same questions again on the final. The Final Exam counts 20% of the final grade of the course.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you for supporting your student in this course.

Only 3 Weeks Left!

Can you believe we only have 2 weeks of assignments and then 1 week for preparing and taking the Final Exam? The course ends on May 10th which means we only have 3 weeks remaining. It is very important for the student to remain focused and disciplined in ensuring work gets accomplished until the very end. If the current grade in the course is lower than what the student is aiming to have in the course, please encourage the student to take advantage of all extra learning opportunities. In addition, they should attend or listen to the recording for all of the scheduled chat sessions. I want every student to be successful both in the course and on the Final Exam. Please ask if there are any questions.

Helpful News Announcements to Look for This Month

Upcoming Dates

Next Benchmark Due Dates:
  • May 3rd

Final Exam Date:

  • Wednesday or Thursday, May 8 or 9

Final Grades Available:

  • Thursday, May 16 (I cannot release final grades by phone or email. Final grades will be viewed through registration on this date).
Summer is almost here! Just a couple more weeks of diligent work and then a wonderful break!