The Gudo Store

the most cash for your stuff

Low on cash this holiday season? Considering selling some valuables to a local consignment store, pawn shop, or a retailer like Gamestop?

HOLD ON. These stores generally retain 60-75% of the item value, leaving you with only pennies of profit on YOUR items.

Sell your items ONLINE with our store instead. Just use our intake form to list your items, and we'll take care of the rest.

Sell your stuff on reputable markets like Ebay and Amazon without all the hassle.

We handle listing, packing, shipping, postage, all included in our cut.

At The Gudo Store, by reducing overhead, we can only 25-30% of the value of your items, and we'll even pay you in cash up front if you choose.

Selling with our store is easy! To get your items appraised by our team, simply fill out our intake form: