Ashna Kumar

What is bleeding?

Bleeding is a loss of blod from the body, internally or externally. Closed bleeding is when the skin is not brokenand the damage to soft tissue and vessels happens below the surface. Open bleeding is when the skin's surface is broken and blood may come through the tear in the skin.

How is this condition caused?

  • bruise
  • confusion
  • blunt force
  • problems with joints, gastrointestinal and urogenital tract
  • lacerations
  • cuts bleed feely, deep cuts can bleed severely
  • punctured skin often does not bleed, but can become easily infected
  • sometimes spontaneous
  • dry climate
  • heated indoor air
  • repeated nose-blowing

Some Types of Bleeding

Signs and Symptoms

  • blood is coming out of the body from an open wound
  • bruising
  • shock
  • weakness
  • blood in vomit
  • blood in stool
  • blood in urine
  • red, dark red, or purple area of skin
  • bleeding through skin
  • fatigue
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First Aid Procedures

  1. Make sure the scene is safe.
  2. Get a First Aid Kit.
  3. Wear personal protective equipment.
  4. Elevate the wound above the heart.
  5. Put a clean cloth on the wound and apply pressure.
  6. When the bleeding slows, cover the wound with a heavy gauze pad and faste it in place.
  7. If the bleeding does not stop eventually, locate the pressure point closest to the wound.
  8. If the beeding still does not stop, call for medical help.
*If you suspect internal bleeding, immediately call for medical attention.