What is visually cued instruction?

Autism Spectrum Disorder K-5

Visually Cued Instruction

Basically, visually cued instruction involves the use of pictures, symbols, photographs and written language as instructional supports in both structured and natural environments.

Types of Support

· Personal Visual Schedules

· Visual Supports for Transition

· Picture Task Prompts

· Photo Schedules

· Visual Task Analysis

· Study Skills

· Functional Skills

Teacher Preference

As a teacher I prefer personal visual schedules when working with my students. Personal visual schedules show a sequence of activities within a class period, a school day, or longer periods of time. In addition, these schedules can be used outside of the classroom to aid in getting ready for school or other activities.

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Teacher Recommendation

Because Anthony has trouble transition between activities and tackling tasks with multiple steps, I would suggest using personal visual schedules to help Anthony see what is being asked of him and help relieve some of his anxiety. In addition, video schedules would be beneficial for Anthony. Students often times get excited to switch activities with video scheduling and enjoy how PowerPoint creates a slideshow which guides students through multi step activities.