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Week 4 - Block

Week 4 Update - Conjugating Verbs

This week we will be working in Unit 2 (specifically lessons 2-4). This is a big week in your Spanish career! This week you will learn how to conjugate verbs. Remember last week we said that there are three types of verb (-ar, -er, -ir). Now we will organize these verbs even more into their present tense forms. You will have so much fun with this…it will increase your vocabulary and usable language immensely.

Progress Reports

Tuesday, Sep. 16th, 7pm

This is an online event.

I will submit progress reports Tuesday night. It is always my goal to have all assignments graded before submitting your grades. Please submit your work on time so that I have enough times to grade before my deadline. Make sure to talk to your ELA about your progress in the course.

This week's assignments

Below are the assignments that are due during week 4. Please make sure to submit them by Friday at 11:59pm. If you are behind and need help getting caught up, please, communicate with me. I want to help you!
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RLC Opportunities

Below are the RLC opportunities for this week. You have to attend one RLC during Unit 2. Take advantage of this before the opportunities are gone.
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Tutorial and Additional Resources

01024 Spanish Lesson - Present Tense - AR verbs: all forms
01034 Spanish Lesson - Present Tense - regular -ER verbs
01054 Spanish Lesson - Presente tense: Regular -IR verbs

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