From Cow to Football



Have you ever wondered where your awesome football came from? Well read to find out.


This paragraph is about the farm. First the hide is taken from the cow. Then once all the hide they need the farmer gathers up the cow hide. Finally they send the hide to the factory to be turned into a football.


This paragraph is about the factory . First they cut hide into four almond panels then they send it to people to stitch the ball inside out . Then people turn the ball right side out then they put the bladder in the football. Now its ready for the store.


This paragraph is about the store. Wilson gives half the footballs to the store and gives the other half to the N.F.L. (national football league]. Then you could use footballs to play catch with your friends. Footballs make a interesting jerney to you back yard.

Fun Facts

This paragraph is about the fun facts . Did you know every kick, throw and touchdown was scored with a Wilson football. Wilson is the only foot ball company in America . N.F.L. footballs don't have lines. The shape of a football is for long distance throwing.
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