New York Observer

Sunday, September 3rd 1922

The Party is Over For J.Gatsby

Famous millionaire Jay Gatsby was killed Saturday not long after we had heard about Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson having an affair. Friday night Gatsby was driving through the valley of ashes coming from New York when Myrtle Wilson had ran out in front of Mr. Gatsby and died on impact. Speeding and alcohol was involved and Gatsby didn't stop. Witnesses said that Myrtle and her husband George Wilson had been arguing for around three days before the incident. The next day Gatsby was home with his butler when George Wilson shot Gatsby as he was getting out of his pool. As soon as Gatsby was killed Wilson shot and killed himself. Officer Cannon was at the crime scene when Myrtle died and said "there were several witnesses saying it was a 1920 Duesenburg and colored in yellow, only one person in the area has this car and its J. Gatsby." Tom Buchanan states that he did drive Mr. Gatsby car to the city but did not on the way back. Tom arrived at the scene bout 20 minutes after the accident in a 1919 blue Auburn. Saturday a medical examiner arrived at the scene of Gatsby's death ans said that Gatsby didn't die as soon as the bullet hit him by were he fell it took him a few seconds to actually pass. The butler would not comment on the tragedy.
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Prohibition Strikes Again

Over the past two weeks 25 people have been caught either selling illegal alcohol or making it. Officer Kambel states,"this time of the year is bad for prohibition. Now that it is the end of the summer and party season is getting to an end stores are re-stocking with alcohol." Alcohol varies in how much time you spend in jail. If you have any thing up to 20 gallons it is 5 years. Anything over 20 gallons its 10 years. You get felony charges even if a jar of alcohol is with you.