Room 212 News #4

September 22

Parent Lending Library

Most Tuesdays after school (until about 5pm) you can find the Parent Library open, right in Bryant's foyer. There are several carts with bins of leveled books. Choose however many books you need and return them the following week, or whenever your child finishes practicing with them. There is no "check-out" process, just browse, choose and go. You can also return them in your child's backpack. These books have purple tape on the spine, so they are easy to find around your house. If you are not sure of your child's independent reading level, please send me an email.

Reading and Working with Words

Ask your student about his/her own bag of books. Each week books are exchanged for new selections. We use these books for Read to Self during Guided Reading time, or when other work is completed. Students choose books they enjoy from the classroom library, and I hand out two leveled books for each bag as well.

We continue adding centers that will take place during this time:

Word Ladder - start at the bottom, change letters until you arrive at the top

Listen to Reading - use the CD player to listen to a story and follow along with the book

Make Words - stamp words into play-do or write them with a golf tee

Words with Beads -building sight words on pipe cleaners with letter beads

If I Can Spell - creating words from simple word families, If I can spell "fin," I can spell bin, tin, win, chin...


Any volunteer who will be alone with children (e.g. leading a group on a field trip) needs to have a background check prior to the event. The form can be found here:

Please download the form, fill it out and submit it to the Bryant or Pattengill office. You will need to present your ID.

Math and Science

In Math last week we explored different counting strategies, moving on the number line and comparing numbers. Students have learned several math games to reinforce these concepts (Penny Dice, Bunny Hop, Top It).

We have been recording daily weather in our Science Journals for a few weeks now! We know that "weather" means how the sky looks and the air feels on our skin. Last week we looked closely at thermometers and observed the way the red liquid rises when warmed. Students are learning to read the classroom thermometer and associate the temperature with how it feels outside.

Apple Tree

Outside our classroom there is an apple tree with wishes (on apples) for classroom supplies. Some of these items include:

  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • napkins
  • paper towels
  • pencils
  • "pink pearl" type erasers
  • dry erase markers or dry erase crayons


Please send a snack with your child each day, if possible. A snack will be provided for children who don't bring one from home. Check labels carefully. Items containing even traces of nuts or processed in facilities with nuts are not safe for nut-free schools like Bryant. The school no longer has a suggested list of snacks, but this may be a helpful resource :

Watch for a "Fresh Fruit Friday" Sign-up Genius in the next few weeks. You will have the opportunity to sign up to send in a healthy snack for the class on Fridays throughout the year.

Special Schedule

Here are the days we'll be having special classes! Students need gym shoes on Monday and Thursday. Please be sure your child returns his/her library book by Wednesday.

Monday: PE and Music

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music and Library

Thursday: PE and Music

Friday: Music

Dates to Remember:

9/22 - 10/6 Charleston Wraps PTO fundraiser

10/1 Bryant Picture Day - picture packet should have arrived home last Friday

10/2 PTO Meeting at Bryant 7:30

10/17 Family Movie Night at Bryant 5:30