Zack Sievert, Jacob McGarth, Michael Moore - 8th hour

Why is it interesting?

Because tractors are awesome and strong and can do anything very fast. Tractor safety teaches kids about tractors and how to be safe. They learn everything and watch cool videos on stuff that can happen on the farm.

10 commandments of tractor saftey

#1. Always know your tractor and all its functions.

#2. use ROPS ( role over protection system) and seat belt where ever and whenever applicable.

#3. Be familiar with your drive terrain. Always drive slow on sides of hills, slow down for all turns.

#4. never start tractor in closed shed are garage.

#5. allways keep your PTO (power take off) properly shielded. it rotates with the strength of a 1000 men.

#6. keep your hitches low and on the draw bar. Otherwise your tractor might tip backwards.

#7. never jump off a moving tractor or leave a tractor running for long period of time without a operator.

#8. never refuel with tractor running or engine hot.

#9. keep children away and off of tractors and employments.

#10. never be in a hurry with a tractor. take time and do it right.

For the Love of Farming Part 1/2
Tractors In Trouble

5 Ways To Prevent Tractor Accidents

#1. Always use hazard lights on road.

#2. Always watch for cars and pullover if cars are coming.

#3. Stay alert on roads to watch for cars.

#4. In the field always go slower on sides of hills.

#5. Always use your tractor and employments the CORRECT WAY.