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To get into the University of Pittsburgh, there are certain requirements. On the SATs, you have to get between a score of 580-670 on the critical reading section, a score of 600-690 on the math section, and a score of 570-670 on the writing section. In high school, you have to take four years of English, at least two years of a language, at least three years of math, at least three years of science, at least two years of social studies, and at least three years of any academic electives.

Colleges Inside

The University of Pittsburgh has many seperate colleges inside of the university. There is the Arts and Sciences college, which consists of Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Economics, and History, just to name a few. There is the Medicine college, which consists of Anesthesiology, Cardiothoractic Surgery, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics, just to name a few. There is the Dental Medicine college, which consists of Oral Biology, Dental Anesthesiology, and Pediatric Dentistry, just to name a few. There is the Law college, as well as a Business college. University of Pittsburgh has tons of inside colleges to choose from.

Important Alumni

History Major


There are quite a few jobs you can get after you graduate college as a history major. The most known job is becoming a teacher. However, you could also become a researcher for a museum, or a writer for newspapers, magazines, or even your own book. You could become an archivist, or a public historian. However, I plan on either becoming a teacher or a public historian.


Currently, I am doing an internship at the Waynesboro Historical Society. Most common internships are at museums, such as the Smithsonian. You could also get internships at national parks or even libraries. Historical societies are also an option.

Why and who?

I am majoring in history because I love history. I love learning about what happened to make the world the way it is. I love seeing ways on how we are somewhat repeating history. I think people should consider this major if you are like me and love learning about our world's history and have dedication to learn more of it.

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