Welcome to Hiteon Elementary's 2019-2020 School Year


Welcome to Hiteon,

Our Hiteon family welcomes you. Educating students is a team effort. Our Hiteon team is a greater community of staff, parents, and community members. Each play an integral role providing the best learning environment for our students. At Hiteon we take great pride in educating our students. Working together we support our students and set each of them up for success.

We look forward to welcoming our students at Hiteon this coming school year. Hiteon is a community dedicated to providing an educational experience in which everyone can reach their full potential and make positive societal contributions. We strive to enhance personal, community, and global identities while developing life-long learners.

Welcome to our Hiteon community, school, and family. May your experience at Hiteon be a familial one as we work together to support our students.

With regard,

Meghan Warren

Hiteon Elementary School Principal




This packet contains essential information for you and your child. We hope that the list below will help you as you read through the material and discuss with your child the information as indicated. Thank you!

  • Enrollment Verification Form – Can now be done on line and will be available for updating on August 15, 2019.
  • Information to discuss with your child—Your support will ensure his/her understanding of school programs, policies and procedures.
  • Going To and From School-Arrival/Dismissal Logistics for Parking Lot
  • Hiteon Handbook and Beaverton School District (on our webpage, please call office if you need a printed copy)
  • Consistent Discipline Handbook can be accessed at Hiteon’s website
  • Additional Information—

· Too Sick for School Policy

· Attendance Policy

· Student Supply List

· Bus Route Information

· Free and Reduced Lunch Application can be accessed at the District website

· Parent Teacher Club (PTC) information and forms

URGENT - Administration of Medication form

This form is necessary if your child needs to take any type of medication (prescription or over the counter) during school hours, and must be completed by a parent.

All medications must be in the original container and be brought to the office by a parent.

Students are not allowed to self-administer medications. Medication policies are strictly adhered to by school personnel.

Please contact the school office at 503-356-2140 if you have questions.


Please Complete Back to School Verification

If you have not yet submitted your student’s back to school verification. This is a required annual process ensures that your child’s student information is up-to-date in our system.

If you have not activated your ParentVUE account or if you have access concerns, please contact the main office (not the District Administration Center).

Thank you for ensuring that we have the most accurate information for your student.



ARRIVAL: 7:45 – 7:55 am

Hiteon doors open at 7:45 am. Please do not bring your student(s) to Hiteon prior to that time. Although we pride ourselves in always welcoming students and visitors, we do not have supervision available for students until our doors open at 7:45 am. When our doors open, children enter the building and report to either the Cafeteria for breakfast, the Primary Commons Area (K & 1), or the Gym (2nd through 5th). Students will be released to their classrooms when the bell rings at 7:55 am. Classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:00 am. Students that arrive at Hiteon after the 8:00 am bell will be tardy.

When dropping your child off by car, please pull forward (beyond the crosswalk and as far forward as possible) before releasing your child. It is helpful if your child unloads on the school side of your car. Please have them exit your vehicle quickly and enter into the school building.

Students arriving by bus will be supervised by Hiteon staff members on their route from the bus to the school.

If you are coming in with your child proceed to the Main Office first to sign-in and obtain a visitor’s badge. If you have a volunteer badge, be sure to still report first to the Main Office to sign-in. Your volunteer badge can be worn in lieu of a visitor’s badge but we must have record of who is in our building at all times. Parents will be asked to wait in our Main Office Lobby area until the bell rings at 7:55 am.

*Please note, plan ahead to arrive at school on time. Our parking lot tends to get congested and we strive to have all students arrive on time to maximize learning.

DISMISSAL: 2:35 pm

Please refer to the school map of dismissal locations. Parents are asked to wait behind the blue dots to allow our teachers to release students to you one at a time.

All students release at 2:35 pm. Students riding the school bus depart their classrooms with our first dismissal bell at approximately 2:33 pm. These students walk a supervised route from their classroom to our school busses. Daycare and parent pick-up students release with our second dismissal bell at 2:35 pm.

If you have an upper grade student picking up a younger sibling, your upper grade student will release with their class per their assigned dismissal location. From there, they can walk along the outside of our building to greet their sibling at his or her assigned pick up location. This allows an older sibling to pick up a younger sibling the same way a parent or assigned pick-up individual would.

Please be sure to communicate how your child will go home and who will pick your child up with his or her classroom teacher ahead of time. Changes to dismissal need to be communicated early and often to both the classroom teacher and Main Office.

*If your child walks or bikes to school please pre-determine and practice a route with them. If possible, please have your child walk with other neighborhood children.

*Please instruct your child to observe crosswalks and stop signs. Crossing Guards will be on duty at three street locations on school days.

*Bikes (as well as skateboards and scooters) may not be ridden on school grounds. Bikes should be walked and skateboards and scooters carried. It is recommended that bikes be individually locked at all times. Skateboards and scooters may be stored in the classroom during the day.

*Please review the Bus Rules on page 9 of the Hiteon Handbook. Students will only be let off the bus at their stop. If you want your child to get off at another stop, you must send a signed note to the Main Office. Non-bus students must have written permission from their parent/guardian and permission from the bus driver to ride the bus.


Please refer to the attached parking lot navigation document to familiarize yourself with parking lot flow and procedure!

Dropping off children in the Orange Zone: Please enter and exit from the same zone. If you are entering the Orange Zone you will be dropping your child off/picking them up directly across from the Upper Wing Entrance Area (just before the crosswalk). Please heed stop signs and travel with caution as there are many students moving about our parking lot during arrival and dismissal times.

Dropping off children in the Blue Zone: Please enter and exit from the same zone. If you are entering the Blue Zone you will be dropping your child off/picking them up directly across from the Main Entrance of the school. Please watch for crosswalk foot traffic and remain in your vehicle at all times.

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Hiteon's Attendance Policy

STUDENT ABSENCE – One of our goals at Hiteon is to help students develop good habits of responsibility and dependability. We believe the success of students is directly affected by their attendance; therefore, we place a high priority on the importance of students being in school daily. The key to making our efforts successful are well-informed and cooperative parents and students, and good communication between home and school.

Oregon School Law (ORS 339.065) states that an absence may be excused by a principal or teacher if the absence is caused by the pupil’s sickness, by the sickness of some member of the pupil’s family, or by an emergency. Emergencies will be classified as those situations of major importance that affect family and home. It is important to understand that the Oregon Law charges the school, not the parent/guardian, with determining what kinds of absences should be excused.

TELEPHONE REPORTING – At Hiteon, we have a telephone answering system for reporting student absences. If your student will be absent please call 503-356-2141 before 9:00am on the day of the absence. In the case that a parent knows the student will be absent for more than one day, one call may be used to report the entire absence. If a student will be absent for 10 or more days, a letter to the principal should be written by the parent/guardian explaining the absence. If a parent/guardian does not call to report an absence, a courtesy call will be made to the student’s home to determine the reason for the absence.

STUDENT TARDYA student who is not in the school at 8:00 am is considered tardy. A student who is tardy should check in at the office with a parent/guardian or bring a note explaining the tardy. If a student will be arriving later than 9:00am a parent/guardian should call the absence phone before 9:00am and the student should check in at the office when arriving at school. A courtesy call to the student’s home will be made if the student does not check in at the office.

Attendance Telephone System

Call 503-356-2141 to report a student’s absence or tardy.

If a student’s parent does not call to report an absence or tardy, a courtesy call will be made to the student’s home to determine the reason for the student not being at school. Courtesy calls from the school will be discontinued after the third time a parent/guardian does not call to report the absence or tardy.


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2019 - 2020 BSD Bus Route Information Site

You can find your student's bus route information through ParentVue or at the BSD website.



Meghan Warren, Principal

Jenny Read-Emslie, Assistant Principal

Hiteon’s Mission Statement

Hiteon is a community dedicated to providing an educational experience in which everyone can reach their full potential and make positive societal contributions. We strive to enhance personal, community, and global identities while developing life-long learners.