Andrew Jackson: Our "Hero"

Using our Consitiution as a Doormat Since 18-Something

Forcing the Tears Out of Natives on the Trail!

Andrew Jackson decided that the U.S. needed more land, so he forced the Cherokees and other Native Americans out of their homelands, and sent them to be resettled in Oklahoma. On what was known at the "Trail of Tears", many Native Americans died due to pneumonia during the winters and drought during the summers. What hero would force humans away from their homes to an unknown place, letting many die along the way? Andrew Jackson, that's who!
Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14

He Slays.... the National Bank, That Is!

Andrew Jackson, spokesperson of the poor white males, felt that the National Bank favored the wealthy. When the idea of a second National Bank was brought up to question, he quickly vetoed it and shut down the idea. Jackson decided to transport large sums of money to state banks, and he went through two Secretary of Treasuries until the third one agreed. Therefore, he shut down the bank and further ruined the economy. Nice one, Jackson!

"King Andrew the First" Political Cartoon

Some people viewed Jacskon as a king for many reasons. First of all, he used the "Vetoing Power" more than any other previous president. As seen in this cartoon, the Consititution is torn at his feet, showing disregard for it, as a king might. The cartoonist thought that he was acting "above the law" and overused his powers as president.

Destroying Southern Economy, One Tariff at a Time!

The South, at the time of Jackson's presidency, was still mainly agricultural, and furthermore still relied on some foreign imports. The Tariffs of 1828 and 1832, more commonly known as the "Tariff of Abominations" in the South, were passed to help the North's economy. These tariffs made imports more expensive, which helped boost economy in the North. Congress signed a bill that forced the Southern states to pay the tariffs when they attempted nullify, or declare invalid, these tariffs. This caused Southern Carolina to threaten to secede from the country, and the Compromise of 1832 is signed, which states that the taxes will be lowered, which seems to solve things... for now.