How to get a Job

by Jose Martinez

You need a job!

Do you like living? Well if you wanna keep doing the whole, you know, "living" thing, you are going to need money. And to make money, you need a job. So now that you got your priorities in order, now lets talk about getting a job :)

Why interviews are important and how to make a good impression

One of the way your maybe future boss will be an interview. In a interview, you'll have to use your words to show your skills and determination. You'll need to make your boss feel that your an hard-working employee who wants to advance in the company without making the boss threatened.
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  • Answer question quick and speak confidently.
  • Dress well, comb your hair, wear a nice dress or suit
  • Have good posture and avoid any unpleasant actions
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What NOT to do

  • Not doing your research

You might have the skills to do the job but do you know the how the company operates? Check the ‘About Us’ link on the company website and read their mission statement. Find out who the competition and major players in the market are.

  • Turning up late

Unless you have a very good excuse and ring ahead to rearrange, turning up late for an appointment will not endear you to any employer.

  • Dressing inappropriately

While smart casual might be the current trend, professional attire is still proper business etiquette for interviews. It’s all about first impressions.

After all that just remember, be the best version of yourself, you can't do any better than that.