Learn bandwagon and testimonal


  • When one person does it everyone else does it.
  • Ex. Wearing clothes like a name brand everybody else will wear it.y
  • Or cellphones one person may have the recent phone but then everyone else will want it.
  • Persuade to buy or sell that product.
  • To use or feel about that product.
  • Eat the product.


Testimonial paragraph

Testimonial uses a famous person to support there product.

  • The milk companies will use all kinds of celebrity to support the product.
  • Adidas uses stars like 2 chains wearing the brand.
  • Nike uses celebrity's wearing that brand of shoes while doing the comerecial.
  • Food companies uses stars to have there food look impressive.
  • Most companies that uses stars are to make there products look very Impressive.
  • Hair companies use stars took look better than others.


You have learned a brief lesson on two types of propaganda in this flyer. Testimonial and bandwagon.