Ghosts and Spirits

By: Madison Williams

What types are there?

Have you wondered what types are there? Well there are many types. Here are some of them:

  • Demon
  • Angels
  • Elementals
  • Ghost
  • Family Ghosts


Demons are cruel and evil. They WILL go away if you move out their 'territory'. Unless, it's a Family Ghost.

Family Ghost

Family Ghosts are ghosts who are lost throughout your bloodline. They may want to pay you a visit. They may be harsh like demons, or they can be kind to you like a real family member would.


Have you ever gotten a REALLY weird feeling outside? These spirits are the cause, unless it's not a supernatural force causing these feelings.


Angels are kind spirits, but have you ever wondered if they're not what we thought. If so, you're thinking right. Because the chubby babies called Cherubs are NOT chubby babies. They are actually winged lions. Another type of angel is six large winged snakes.

White Noise. "You mean static?" No, White Noise.

What is White Noise you may ask? Well, you see, white noise is anything a human could hear.

Think of White Noise this way:

So, if one person was talking to you at the same pitch, you would hear clearly every word. If three people talked to you at the same pitch, it would be harder to understand. Now, the same but with a hundred people, it would sound like static if at the same pitch.

Why would White Noise include ghosts?

You see, you could hear ghosts through White Noise.

No proof?

Still don't believe me? An verse in the bible clearly states ghosts do exist.