Adolph Hitler

Michaela Boltenhouse

This assignment is about Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler was born on April 20 1889 he was the leader of the Nazi party and the chancellor of Germany head of Government and head of State so he was a Dictator. Hitler is regarded as one of the most significant leaders in world history.

When did he begin the Holocaust

Hitler began the Holocaust in the year 1939 he had the Nazi party go and gather all of the inferior races and put them in Ghettos , Concentration Camps , and Death Camps. There he would have them work and if not they would be put to death.

Why did he do it?.

He began the Holocaust because he believed that the Jews, Gypsies, and others were part of an inferior race. The race that he believed was dominant is Austrian. (Blonde hair and blue eyes )

Where did the Holocaust take place?.

The Holocaust took place in Nazi Germany it effected many people (Jews Gypsy's and any others that the Nazi party did not find dominant. Most of the people in Nazi Germany had been told and lied to by advertisement that they were going to a happy place or a "vacation". That's why most people in Germany did not really get bothered or worried about it.

What was Adolph Hitlers cause or reason for the Holocaust?

He had multiple reasons for beginning the Holocaust but one of the main reasons was because he did despised those who were not pure or those who he disliked and wanted to get rid of. He had killed millions of people but his cause ad failed .

This is my project on Adolph Hitler