Night of the Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman


The summary of The Night Of The Twisters is when Dan, Arthur, and Ryan are home Dan's and Ryan's dad is gone at a farm and there mom went to drop something off. They here tornado sirens so Dan grabs Ryan from his crib and they all run downstairs to the shower. The shower starts to fill up with water so after the tornado they get out of the shower. They try to find a way out but they were trapped in the basement. After a while Stacey, Arthur's sister finds them and helps them out. There house was destroyed! They find Dan's mom and Dan's mom takes Ryan to a Kmart which is where the rescue center was then. Dan, Stacey, and Arthur all head over to Belle Smiley's to look for her. They rummage around and find her trapped in the basement. They make a ladder out of the stuff they find and get her out. They take her to Kmart to get her on a bus out of town. The rest of the buses were full so Dan, Arthur, and Stacey have to go in a police car so they can take them to the jail cells where we can stay. As we were driving we heard sirens and right in front of them was a tornado. They made it through but there driver could not see so Dan had to drive. They finally get to the jail cell and they all have a place to stay. They go to the jail cell and stay over night. In the morning Mrs.Minetti takes them to the armory to find Arthur's and Stacy's dad. Then tries to take them to Kmart but cant get through. She was going to take all of them to her house but Dan would not go. Mrs.Minetti took Arthur and Stacy to her house and Dan runs to Kmart. He looks for his mom but can not find them. He finds out they got moved because Kmart got flooded. He sat down to figure out what to do. When he hears his dad's pickup he jumps up and runs toward them his mom and Ryan was there too! They all got in the pickup and headed for home. They got to there street and all were in silence. There dad broke the silence by saying they would live on the farm a while. That was the summary of Night of the Twisters!


The setting of the story is Grand Island, Nebraska. The Night of the Twisters was on June 4th 1980.Nebraska's State bird is the Western Meadowlark and the state capitol is Lincoln.


Dan Hatch

Ryan Hatch

Linda Hatch( Dan's Mom)

John Hatch (Dan's Dad)

Stacey Darlington

Ronnie Vae Darlington

Aunt Goldie (Dan's Aunt)

Belle Smiley

Grandpa Hatch

Grandma Hatch

Arthur Darlington

Problem And Solution

One problem is that Arthur, Ryan, and Dan were stuck in the shower during the tornado and water was rising on them. The solution to that problem was that Arthur climbed out to look around to make sure it was safe. Then Ryan and Dan came out.

Another problem was that Belle Smiley was stuck in her basement after the tornado so Dan, Arthur, and Stacey had to help her out. The solution is Arthur and Dan went down and collected stuff and Dan, Arthur, and Stacey.