Curiosity Rover

The Best Mars Rover Yet.

By: Dayon Wong

7 Minutes of Terror

350 Million Miles from Earth there is a small waning signal coming from Mars, then the signal cut. Seven minutes later the rover is either dead or alive.


Curiosity is a rover the size of a Mini Cooper,

It landed in Gale Crater on August 6, 2012 on a journey about 350,000,000 Miles.


It is a Mars Exploration Program Mission, to look for the biggest question asked about mars was or is there life on Mars, measure the radiation on mars, to study how mars was made, to look for the basic compounds of life, and to prepare future missions


Curiosity has a nuclear reactor on board which runs on plutonium from a radioisotope thermoelectric generator in shorter terms a Thermal-Electric Generator you're probably asking yourself how does this thingy work, the decay of plutonium which releases heat when it deceases, that heats the generator and all of the instruments the Plutonium will run out at a minimum of 14 years

Tools Of Science

It Contains A high resolution camera a drill with a microscope

an X-ray Spectrometer, and Che-Min,With dozens more, and the best, an awesome laser beam that comes from the camera lens

A Breakdown of Tools

High Resolution Camera, the main camera on board with a 360 degree view, It is one out of 17 on board. Che-Min is an X-ray that examines the organics and minerals of of Martian rock and powder.The Laser in Technical terms Chemcam, its a vaporizing Laser that identifies the elements in the rock. Link:


Curiosity has taken over twenty self portraits.
It is 8,589 lbs on earth.
The rover is 9.5 feet long 8.9 feet wide and 7.2 feet in height.
The Plutonium 238 was supplied by the Us department of energy.
The rover goes 4 centimeters per second.
The wheels tread have the words in mores code JPL which is short for Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The parachute creates 9Gs of force when it is deployed
The Curiosity Rover Landing


Small one 1997 Pathfinder A.K.A Sojourner

Medium 2004 Spirit And Opportunity Two Rovers

Big One 2012 Curiosity